Annual Dinners

Planning for an Annual Dinner starts as soon as the Committee have reviewed the satisfaction levels of those attending a particular year’s Dinner. This will include:

  • How the venue worked from the point of view of access, noise levels, seating arrangements etc.
  • Satisfaction with the catering staff and food;
  • The performance of the Speaker/Entertainer.


Members wishing to sit with particular persons should specify their names on the Dinner/Membership application form.

Reunion Dinner 2020 Cancelled

Because of the Covid -19 crisis, and after very careful consideration, the Committee have reluctantly decided to cancel the 2020 Annual Reunion Dinner which was scheduled to take place on the 26th of September 2020.

We believe this is the responsible course of action in the interests of keeping safe our Members and all those involved in running the Dinner.

Taking this timely action is also considered the fairest approach to assist the planning of: Our Members, Wembdon Village Hall, the Caterer and the Comedian.

The Secretary has confirmed that we have the date of the 18th of September 2021 is booked at Wembdon Village Hall for next year’s Reunion Annual Dinner.

Monies already paid by Members for this year’s Dinner will be held over to 2021 unless individuals contact Mike Dodden and request re-payment.

As the 2020 Annual Dinner is cancelled, we request that members renew their Membership only.

To Apply to join Old Morganians, or to continue Membership the subscription charge is £5 for 2020/2021. Click this link to access the form: Membership Form.

Galleries & Reports from Previous Annual Dinners