Relationship with Haygrove School

Old Morganians have maintained a particularly good level of contact with the Senior Staff of Haygrove School including meetings with typically the Head Teacher and the School’s Marketing Manager. Old Morganians attending have been the Chairman and Secretary.

The relationship is essentially based on the desire of the School to recognise and celebrate their ‘Heritage’ and the desire of Old Morganians Members to be able to assist the School, where possible. In 2012 a very successful Old Morganians Annual Dinner was held at the School.

The School has co-operated with Old Morganians in the running of successful events to mark the 75th and 80th anniversaries of the opening of the original buildings. 

These events have included displays of ‘Memorabilia’ and, of great interest to Old Morganians, Members being taken on guided tours of the buildings that were once occupied by the pupils of Dr Morgan’s Grammar School for Boys.