The Committee members are all honorary and currently include some persons very experienced in Old Morganians affairs as they served on Committees of the earlier Old Morganians Society and Old Morganians Association. See History link for more information on those groups.

If you are interested in joining the Committee please contact any of the persons below.

Committee Members

President: Bryan Lancastle

Chairman: Bill King

Treasurer: Mike Dodden – email:

Newsletter Editor: Geoff Marchant – email:


Colin Brown

Alan Hurford

Brian Scott

Ralph Sealey

Tony Wilkins

Dick Raymond


Roger Richards
3 The Crescent
SN13 9FT
01249 716263


Committee Meetings

The Committee have evening meetings 4 times per year in Bridgwater. The meetings always have an Agenda, and produce Minutes with Actions.

A typical agenda includes: reports on Finance, Annual Reunion Dinners, new Memorabilia, contacts with Haygrove School, a report from the Editor of the Newsletter and plans for the 300th Anniversary of the founding of the School that will take place in 2023.

Roles of Committee Members: The President role could be an honorary one, but the current President is very active, attending all Committee Meetings and representings Old Morganians for example by sometimes presenting the John Biffen Awards and making speeches at the Annual Dinners.

The Chairman chairs Committee Meetings ensuring that contributions are received from all of the Committee and maintaining contacts with Haygrove School.

A key, and very significant role, is undertaken by the Treasurer who, as well as producing financial accounts, regularly distributes information to Members including Newsletters (both electronically and by mail).

The organisation of the Annual Dinner is largely undertaken by the Secretary who reports to the Committee on progress, planning and and general correspondence. Other Members of the Committee support the roles above including arrangements for the John Biffen Award.