Members News July 2020

Old Morganians Website

You will have noticed that the Website has changed dramatically. The Committee decided that an Upgrade and Modernisation of the Website should take place because:

  • It was agreed that the previous version was difficult to use and gave a very poor impression of the Old Morganians organisation;
  • Interesting items were missed because they were difficult to find due to not being properly labelled or located etc;
  • An efficient website was necessary to encourage non-members reviewing the site to join Old Morganians;
  • 2023 will be a special year for Old Morganians being the 300th Anniversary of the founding of Dr Morgan’s Grammar School for Boys and we hope to have a number of celebratory events. An efficient website will be extremely helpful for the communications necessary to make the celebrations successful.


Thank you to Ravenswood Media in Bristol for the overhaul. Ravenswood Media is run by the son of former Old Boy Clive Kett (d).

Please note: You may need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view some documents. If you do not have it, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

Future Annual Dinners

The Secretary has confirmed that the date of the 18th of September 2021 is booked at Wembdon Village Hall for next year’s Reunion Annual Dinner.

Perhaps inevitably the number of Members and of those attending the Annual Reunion Dinners have declined over the years and this has led to recruitment efforts by the Committee including circulation of an ‘SOS’ (click here to see the publication). The efforts with the SOS publicity campaign have resulted in a large number of responses but so far only a moderate number of new members

The Committee feel that we are duty bound to have an Annual Reunion Dinner to celebrate, in 2023, the 300th anniversary of the founding of the School in 1723. However, depending on the up-take for 2021, the prospects for an Annual Dinner in 2022 remains in the balance.

Reports & photographs of recent Annual Dinners.

Demolition of original Durleigh Road School Buildings (last chance to view them!)

The Chairman (Bill King) and Secretary (Roger Richards) have held regular meetings with the senior staff members of the Quantock Education Trust that now includes Haygrove School and some Primary Schools.

Just before the Lockdown was announced by the Government (23.03.20) Bill and Roger met the Head Teacher and a July 2020 date was agreed for Old Morganians’ Members to be offered the opportunity to have one last look at the ‘Old Buildings’. However, that will not take place now, due to the Pandemic and the consequent closure of the School.

A date for the demolition of the buildings is still undecided partly due to uncertainty on the date for completion of the new buildings and the time for transfer from the old to the new buildings.

The latest news is that demolition is unlikely to commence until, at the earliest, August or September of 2020 and at the latest at the end of the Autumn School Term.

If possible, an opportunity to view the Old Buildings will be arranged. If this turns out not to be feasible the Committee are considering arranging for photographs to be taken of all the original buildings.

Celebrations of 300 years of Dr Morgan’s School (established in 1723)

The Committee have already begun to consider options on how best to celebrate this momentous year but would be delighted to receive suggestions from Members on what they think they would like to see for the celebration (contact details for Committee Members are included on the Contact page).